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Console/ Pre amps

Custom Neve 55 32 Channel Console

(2)DBX Neve 1073 Dual Channel Pre Amp

Warm Neve 1073

Slate Audio Fox

Chameleon Lab 7603 Xmod


(2) Tube Tech CL1B

Chameleon Lab 7721 Bus Compressor

Dangerous Music Dual Compressor

Slate Audio Dragon 

Warm 1176

I/O Converters

Orion Hd 32

Orion 32

Burl B2 Bomber


TC-Hellicon VoiceLive Rack

DBX 1231 Graphic EQ

Euphonix ES108 Dynamic Processor/Emulator


Alesis Micro Limiter

Aphex Aural Exciter E Series

ART Multiverb Alpha

ART Multiverb Alpha SE Studio Edition

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