Tracking / Recording
$60 Hour
$500 Day (10 HOURS)

Editing / Mixing
$45 Hour

$40 First Track
$20 Each Additional Track

The Studio

Studio Sage

Born and raised in California, I started playing guitar at the age of 9, inspired by my Grandmother who played guitar and was a music teacher. After a couple of lessons from my Grandmother I started learning on my own. I joined my first band at the age of 12.  I have engineered, produced, mixed and edited various music projects and I’m part owner of Studio Sage. I have played in numerous bands through out the years. By the time I was in High School my love and passion for audio engineering really grew. I was experimenting with recording using a dual cassette recorder on my stereo. I could record up to 12 tracks. I enrolled in music class in high school and learned to read music. 25 years ago I engineered my first recording. The band was impressed with the recording and asked me to run their sound for live shows. I moved to Seattle in 1990 after getting an offer to play bass for a local band. I took classes at Bellevue Community College for Business and Music. I completed the Audio Engineering program at Shoreline Community College. 


Tim Sage

Born in Lancaster California in 1967, where I stayed until I went to college at the University of California San Diego and minored in music. I left the school in good standing to pursue my passion, which has always been music. I got my first guitar when I was twelve, which I had to save up and pay for half of by mowing lawns in the neighborhood. I played that thing for years until I finally bought myself a good guitar when I was 16. I have taught myself just about everything I know about music and now play guitar, bass, piano, drums, and sing. Before I left San Diego, I was in a band there while working full time, putting myself through school and going to college full time. Quite the hectic schedule. I then went to Hollywood where the music scene was very big at that time. I formed another band there with Chris Weber who was one of the original members of Hollywood Rose that later became Guns N Roses. After that I moved around and played up and down the west coast. San Diego, L.A., San Francisco, and finally Seattle where after being here for three days I met Tim Sage and became the singer for the band he was in at that time. Usually for a musician, playing music doesn't pay the bills, so that's why I got into construction and became a general contractor myself. At the same time I never left music completely, having worked for music stores in San Diego, L.A., and Seattle. Most recently I was the Guitar floor Manager for Guitar Center in Kirkland. I even started teaching guitar to about ten students on a weekly schedule. I met Tim Sage about twenty years ago and through the years no matter where I went, we have always stayed friends. With that friendship, his knowledge of recording, my knowledge of business and construction, and both our knowledge of and passion for music, we built our dream recording studio.


Francis Jaros

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